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16118443DEAR THING is out in hardback today! And to celebrate, I’ll be giving away two signed hardback copies of the book, along with a copy of Claire’s lemon drizzle cake recipe. (Which is seriously yummy. Claire makes good cakes.)

One giveaway is on Twitter. All you have to do is tweet who your dearest thing is…the person you love the most right at this very moment…with the hash tag #dearthing. I’ll choose a winner at end of day today.

The other giveaway is for my newsletter subscribers. If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you don’t have to do a thing. I’ll choose a winner and email them tomorrow. If you’re not a newsletter subscriber, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter today, by filling in the handy form on the right of this page here. —————–>

Both contests end at midnight tonight, 11 April 2013. Winners will be chosen at random.

Here’s what the novel is about, and one or two early reviews:

This is the story of Claire and Ben, who are perfectly in love – in fact, who are seemingly perfect in almost every way. Except one. They can’t have a baby.

It’s also the story of Ben’s best friend Romily, who after years of watching Ben and Claire suffer, offers to have a baby for them.

But being pregnant stirs up all kinds of feelings in Romily – feelings she’d rather keep buried, but can’t. Now there are two mothers – and one baby who belongs to both of them, and which only one of them can keep.

Thought-provoking, heart-rending but ultimately uplifting, Dear Thing is a book you won’t be able to put down, until you pass it on to your best friends.


Dear Thing is an emotional read, as it covers guilt, love, hidden feelings, jealously, sorrow and hope among many others. It is a complex novel with many layers to unravel and devour, and it is a truly gripping read that will have you turning the pages desperate to know what is going to happen next. —Reading in the Sunshine

I loved the writing style, the plot and the characters and would recommend this to fans of Jojo Moyes and Lisa Jewell. —Random Things Through My Letterbox

‘A compelling, fascinating and deeply affecting tale of two mothers, and a baby that only one of them can keep. Julie Cohen is an expert at making you care about her characters, and feel every nuance of emotion as they do. A truly brilliant writer who kept me gripped until the end.’ —Rowan Coleman

‘A gripping reading experience, where one is compelled to unravel the results. The emotional reality for each character is beautifully drawn…Vivid and psychologically convincing’ —We Love This Book

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Goodreads giveaway

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Summer of Living Dangerously by Julie Cohen

The Summer of Living Dangerously

by Julie Cohen

Giveaway ends February 27, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win





cheese strings, signings and sheep

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Have you ever had a cheese string? You know, that processed cheese stuff that’s individually packaged for kids’ lunch boxes? Fecklet has some and I just tried one. They’re really really good. Just saying. You should try one. Don’t steal it from a kid or anything, but if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, pop round and I’ll give you a cheese string.

All in all, I’m having a pretty good week, having sold a short story and a novella…and it’s only Thursday! I’m also pimping myself a bit around the web, and in real life:

There’s a 75-word paragraph from my story ‘The Black Sheep’ on Paragraph Planet (it’s archived now, alas, but it was there!), and also an interview with me there.

My recipe for cranberry nut bread, and a giveaway of Getting Away With It, are on Chick Lit Central.

On Saturday 10th December, I’ll be signing copies of my books at the Local Author Fair at Reading Central Library, Abbey Square, Reading. The fair runs from 10 til 4 but I will probably only be there till 1.30 or so. I’ll have copies of my new hardback, The Summer of Living Dangerously, and also pretty much my entire backlist for sale, including my Mills & Boon stuff. There are lots of authors there so it’s a great place to pick up Christmas gifts.

On Sunday 11th December, I’ll be signing my books again, this time at Windsor Waterstones, on Peascod Street in Windsor. They’ll have my latest hardback, The Summer of Living Dangerously, plus Getting Away With It, Girl from Mars, and some of my others. That’ll be from around 11ish till 4ish.

I’ve done some little drawings for Christmas cards to give away at the signings, with the web address of my free Christmas read, ‘The Black Sheep’. I think he’s sort of cute. Though not as surprisingly delicious as a cheese string.

Click on his cute little miserable face to read the story.





a free read

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An extra chapter from the bookDo you like free stuff?

How about free stories?

How about free stories about Christmas? (Yes, I know it’s July. Go with me here.)

Have you not read Getting Away With It yet and would like a free taster of the story?

Or have you read Getting Away With It already and would like another bit about the Haven twins and Stoneguard?

I’ve put up a free read on Smashwords, a standalone extra chapter from Getting Away With It called ‘The Black Sheep.’ You can, if you like, download a copy for your ereader here. Or, if you like, you can read it on my website, here.

I had an absolute blast writing it. Let me know if you like it.

(Thank you very much to Freda Lightfoot, who made this very easy to do!)





hot men alert!

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Nicola Marsh is having a hot hero countdown to Valentine’s Day on her blog this month. Every day a different author posts a picture of a hot man who inspired a hero in one of her books. There are giveaways and lots of phoaaaaar.

Today I’m up, with a lovely pic of the lovely Maine man who inspired the hero of my book Honey Trap. And I’m giving away a copy, too.

Go visit, today and every day till Valentine’s Day, to check out the totty! And also to congratulate Nic on becoming a USA Today Bestseller!

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sex, books and lemonade

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What a nice day. It’s sunny, for one thing. It was sunny yesterday, too, and Fecklet and I visited the crocuses in the park (I said hello, but Fecklet had to touch every one). It feels like it hasn’t been sunny in ages, but maybe that’s because I’ve been holed up in here with my 56+ cups of tea, revising.

For another, I’m spending this afternoon at Datchet library, talking about writing sex scenes. I’ve done this workshop quite a bit, all over the UK and in the USA too, and once (frighteningly) on television. But I haven’t done it for about a year now, so last night I went through and rejigged everything to update it a bit, and include some more words to describe penises. It should be lots of fun. (I’m doing this particular sex scene seminar in memory of Dee’s sister, Daphnee.)

der glucksunfallI’ve had lots of little snippets of good news. Like a box full of my German book, Der Glücksunfall (One Night Stand). It’s lovely and pink, a nice chunky mass-market paperback, and as always it’s fun to speculate about the translation, but I’ve got six of them and I can’t actually read them. If you read German and would like a copy, send me an email.

I won a copy of After the Fall at Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson’s blog for relating my humiliating Valentine’s Day story. Nice one.

Rachael Johns has given me a “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade” Award. I guess this means I’m optimistic or something. Anyway, I never turn down lemonade and its sweet-tart goodness, and apparently I have to give it to ten other people too. Hence, some people who habitually make things sweeter:
Rach 🙂
Janet Gover
Kris Starr
Biddy Coady
Jan Jones
Anna Louise Lucia
Anna Adams
Mary Beth Lee
Donna Alward (Who, you know, I named a foul-mouthed male character after in Girl from Mars. Just so you know, Donna.)

You don’t have to pass it on if you don’t want to, but you can.

Now I’m off to talk about sex.





win my book!

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Mistress in PrivateHey, to celebrate the launch of Harlequin Presents Extra, today the good people at Harlequin are giving away 20 free copies of book number one in the series, which, er, happens to be mine!

All you have to do is visit I (Heart) Presents, at, and send them an email saying why you should get an advance copy of the book. And if you are one of the first twenty people to respond, you’ll get a copy of Mistress in Private, which is out in the US next month.

How extremely cool is that? I didn’t even notice the little number 1 on the cover until I saw the contest.

I’m sorry, my European and antipodean friends, this contest is only open to residents of North America.

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Modern Heat authors’ massive Valentine’s giveaway!

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Yo, so for the month of February, a bunch of us Modern Heat authors have ganged together to do a huge treasure hunt giveaway!

The details are all on the Modern Heat authors website,, but in essence here’s the deal:

Every two days during the month of February, a different Modern Heat author will be posting a question about one of her books on her website/blog. All you have to do is follow the treasure map icon, discover the answers to the questions, and after you’ve collected all the answers for the month you just send them in and you’re in with a chance to win not one, not four, but TWELVE sexy, romantic, bestselling books.

For the first question, go to Natalie Anderson’s blog, where she’s got an excerpt and question for her book, MISTRESS UNDER CONTRACT.

The entire schedule is up on, but I’ll be posting reminders, too.

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